Über mich

Who or what is camino-stickers:

Camino stickers are stickers and wall tattoos around the Camino de Santiago. The idea began on my Camino in 2012. Last year, from May to June 2012, i walked the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago. I think many of you know, that walking the camino will bring the craziest ideas. You could open a bar, or even a hostel and and and ....
Camino stickers arose shortly after my return, I have searched the internet for all sorts of things and memories to the Camino, unfortunately I did not find much. So I sat down and tried to design some decals / stickers. The result you see here now.

Why am I doing this:
This is my connection to the Camino, this is my desire and with camino-stickers I try to make my next Camino ... once again to experience this pilgrimage of life with you the great pilgrim family. It was a fantastic time that I will never forget and I would absolutely do it again.

You must know, this is not my profession, I'm not a designer or graphic artist, not a media designer or something like that, I do it simply because it gives me a lot of fun and I hope i can give some pleasure to you with my stickers . Some stickers have been driving through Europe or hang on a living room wall, and it's just nice to know.

That is, the life story of camino-stickers, not particularly long but this can still be ....
Thanks for reading, and for your previous orders
maybe you will find something suitable, I would be very happy

See you soon and
Buen Camino



The way of my soul 2012, the Camino Frances

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